August 1, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt

As I am sure you can tell, I am all about pushing myself to get creative with my photography to help better my skills.  I am still learning a ton about my camera, I still haven't read through the entire manual yet.  I am also finally remembering to adjust my white balance prior to taking shots, instead of doing it after the fact in Photoshop. 

In order to help fuel my creativity and some of the ladies I am in a photo group with, I put forth a photography challenge...a Photo Scavenger Hunt.

The rules were super simple, find and photograph everything on the list.  Creativity was encouraged!

The list.
  • Stripes
  • Fish
  • Flag
  • Blue Shoe
  • Map
  • Heart
  • Pink Flower
  • Wheel
  • Reflection
  • Something Sparkly
I will go ahead and show you what I came up with for this challenge.

Stripes (and or flag)


Maben had to ride on the horse with a flag taped to it.  I also totally got yelled at by the Merry-Go-Round attendant for taking photos while it was moving. 


Blue shoe




Below is a trailing chenille plant.  Very cool plant and seems to be the only thing really surviving in my flowerbed through this horrible drought.

Pink Flower



Below is a photo of glitter, taken intentionally out of focus.  It made it look more sparkly this way.

Something Sparkly
Has anyone else done a photo scavenger hunt?  If anyone decides to try one, I would love to see the list and photos.  I plan on doing this probably a couple times a year.  Maben did a great job helping me find some of the items on the list.

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