June 6, 2012

Good Old Fashioned Fun

I received so many comments from friends and family about the mud photos that I had to share them all.  I also have to address a few concerns about a few of those comments that I received.  Stick with me for it.

What are your favorite memories as a child.  Many of mine were at my grandparents house at the lake.  I ran rampant around the neighborhood with friends. 

I would go fishing, exploring the ditches for frogs and arrowheads.  Try to catch turtles and find the prettiest flowers.

I would play in the rain and run through the mud puddles.  At times I would come back to the house and be marched straight to the shower.

I loved being a part of nature and growing up in a very natural world.  It was a nice departure from living in the suburbs.  I loved getting dirty and exploring. 

I want to give my children those same experiences.  So why is it that I get commended by family, friends and total strangers when I let my children get dirty, hop in mud puddles and paint in the driveway?

Am I in the minority of adults who got to experience that as children?  What is so tragic about letting your children get dirty?  Now I understand getting upset when the Sunday best gets permanently stained, but since when did childhood play get so clean?

I hope this summer, you are the fun mom who lets your children get dirty.  Takes them on nature walks and lets them play with bugs and catches frogs and snakes for them.  Okay, maybe not snakes, but definitely frogs.  Let them jump in the puddles, do it with them!  The looks you get from strangers in the parking lot while hitting every puddle on the way to the car will be worth it.  If that doesn't do it for you, the look on your child's face will.

Let your child take you on adventure of their choosing.  See what fascinates them and cultivate a love of learning by exploring what interests them.  

Maben wants to go on a nature walk this week.  I plan on bringing some crayons and paper to do rubbings.  I will also bring my camera to capture any birds we happen to see so we can come back home and look them up in our field guides.  Maben has a huge fascination with birds and I have come to love them because of his interest. 

What are your favorite childhood memories?  Have you introduced those memories to your children?  Have you ever jumped in every puddle in the parking lot on the way to your car?  Am I just plain crazy? 

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  1. AWESOME Erin!! Great blog and I'm with you... guess I'm just plain crazy too! Some of the best memories I have, my husband too, were of being kids and being able to be just that, kids, exploring, having fun like this and yep, getting dirty!! I can remember my Mother coming outside most evenings right before dinner yelling out, like other Mom's in the street, calling us all home for dinner... and I'd usually be up a tree somewhere, more often than not hanging upside down from some branch, covered in dirt, jar of bugs under the tree... lol It was so much fun, we had a ball, and I feel bad for the kids today that don't get to do any of that... and lets face it, too many of them don't even want to. Bravo for this blog... I hope Maben continues to have a blast creating his favorite childhood memories :) ~ Jane Jackson (Facebook)


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