June 1, 2012

Last Day of School and Teacher Gifts

Yesterday was Maben's last day of preschool (he went to two separate preschools).  He loved the preschool through the school system that he was a part of.  He really loved his teachers there and is a little sad he can't go all summer long.  Here is Maben giving me his best pose before we walk to school.

We took in his teacher's gifts today too.  They turned out so great!  We put together gardening baskets for his teacher and the two para professionals in his class. 

Each basket was contained inside a watering can.  It included flowers that Maben picked out from Lowe's, gardening gloves, a spade, a mini pinwheel, stained glass dragonfly made by yours truly :) and a handwritten thank you note.  On the outside of the note it said, "Thank you for helping Maben bloom and grow."

The dragonflies were a lot of fun to make and an original idea to put them on an eye bolt.  Now I need to make a few up for my garden!  Doesn't it look great hanging out amongst my chenille? 


  1. Is there a DIY for this dragonfly?

    1. It was honestly just an experiment that went right, so I didn't take photos of the process. Do you do stained glass? If you do, I can easily explain it.

  2. I've done a little bit,,,,and would love to here about this one. I love the look of those wings. Thanks so much.


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