June 5, 2012

Photo 366 #23

Welcome Summer!!!

I am so excited for summer.  While some moms freak out about it, I embrace it.  I love everything that summer brings.  Long lazy days, time spent at the beach or the pool, exploring our own town, etc.  We kicked off summer with a bang so far.

May 29 - I took a photo of some unripe blackberries.  I haven't been able to enjoy too many of them as the birds and squirrels have discovered them.  Maybe once the bushes get bigger we can all share.

May 30 - The boys and I discovered a baby grackle in the yard that couldn't yet fly.  Maben is showing the baby bird how to fly.

May 31 - Hooray for the last day of school!

June 1 - The boys and I met up with a friend at the Cockrell Butterfly Center at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  We saw so many beautiful butterflies and this beauty is called an emerald swallowtail.  Too bad they are found in Asia and not here.

June 2 - We have been hard at work on the path to the new stone patio.  Maben has gotten in on all the help.  He's such a great worker!

June 3 - "Just because I love you," flowers are the absolute best.  Thank you Matt, I love you and the flowers are beautiful.

June 4 - I made the mistake of letting the boys help me water plants in the backyard.  It soon evolved into mud puddles and instead of getting mad, I just enjoyed how much fun the boys were having and took photos.

And I just had to have a bonus photo this week.  So many great mud photos that I couldn't leave out one of Colton.  Here he is saying, "Icky mud!"


  1. I am new here. What could be cuter than that mud picture. You need to blow that one up!! Looking forward to looking around.

  2. Welcome to my blog, so happy you found me! I hope you enjoy it.

    I plan on framing the mud pics for the wall. They are too precious not to. I have several others. It was so hard to choose a favorite.

  3. Asia has all the cool stuff.


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