November 12, 2011

Design, Design, Design

Whew, I am tired.  I have been helping my husband out with designing a logo, business card, handouts and updating his blog.  Some of it being very last minute due to some unforeseen problems. 

My hubby is a project manager, public speaker and blogger.  He is actually giving a public speech today.

Good luck hunny!  You will do great.

So last night was the deadline to really get everything in order. 

I started off with lots of logo ideas for his blog, C4 - Explosive Leadership Tactics.  If you have been around my blog long enough, you would have seen a logo that I did (I think back in the spring) and it just didn't work.  Here is the new logo.

I think the logo design fits perfectly. 

The "C" is the bomb and an integral part of my husband's concept. 

C4 stands for the 4 "C's" that my husband feels are the most important aspects of leadership: Conceive, Communicate, Command, Complete. 

Since the full name of the blog is C4 Explosive Leadership Tactics, I really wanted to play off the explosive part of the name, hence the bomb. 

Did I miss anything?  Does it all work?  Do you like it?


  1. I like the designs that break out of 2d. My personal aesthetic tends towards more spare designs, though among my favorites are emmi salonen, jose antonio contreras, and jim profitt.

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