November 9, 2011

International Quilt Festival: Houston

I mentioned earlier that I ventured out to International Quilt Festival in Houston.  I am so thrilled to be living in the suburbs of a large city.  I feel like I have the ability to take in so much art and try to take advantage of it on occasion.  I wish I could have experienced more of the Quilt Festival, but I came down with a nasty bug of some sort that hit me like a ton of bricks while I was walking the floor of the George R. Brown Convention Center.

The Quilt Festival is huge!  Like, seriously, HUGE!  I have never seen more Rascal scooters in my life.  They have a spot where they rent them out there.  I wish I had worn my pedometer.  The main floor (which is where I kept to) is 639,000 square feet.  You better pack your walking shoes! 

The right half was all quilts being displayed.  Oh and a small Husband's lounge.  It was really called that and it was equipped with recliners and flat screens tuned to sports.  It was full.  The left side of that map (all those tiny boxes) were all vendors.  The far far left was ridiculously overpriced food and where you could rent motorized scooters.  If you ever plan to come, don't expect to get out in an hour or two.  You won't.

On to the quilts.  What an amazing display of craftsmanship, ingenuity, artistry and talent.  It is truly inspirational to see the quilts that are produced.  For a total newbie to quilting like myself, it is almost overwhelming.  I hope you enjoy the quilts I chose to share.  I wish I could have taken photos of more, but some were off limits to photography.

With any great art, you can find a personal connection and relate.  These first two quilts I definitely found a personal connection.  The first one was produced by a mother as an homage to her son who proudly serves in the military.  I look at that quilt and remember my time as a military wife. 

Discipline by Cheryl L. Lennox

I fell in love with this next quilt.  What a beautiful moment to capture.  A mother and her baby sleeping.  I look at that fondly and remember when Maben use to curl up next to me on the couch and want to take a nap with me.

Dreaming by Sonia Bardella

There were many quilts that celebrated the whimsy and fun.

Good Onya Sonya Onya Bike! by Helen C. Godden

California Dreaming by Susan E. Slesinger

Another Whimsical Garden by Tina Curran

The geometric quilts had me mesmerized.  There is a lot of math going into getting those just perfect.

The Hues of Amber by Karlyn Bue Lohrenz

Vortex in Variation by Nora Ronningen

There were political statements made.

Beyond the Horizon by Judy Holley and the Peaceful Quilters of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

There were true works of art.  These were some of my favorites.

Wish I was There by Barbara A. Daniel

Manipulation #3, Pinocchio by Bente Vold Klausen

Copley Square, Boston, Massachusetts by Bobbie Sullivan and the Coastal Quilts Artists

And my favorite award winner.  This one took in one of the top prizes at the Quilt Festival.

Harmony Within by Sue McCarty

The one thing that struck me as a whole about the show, was just how many ways you can manipulate fabric and really the only limitation to what you can do is yourself.  It makes me want to try more and sew more.  Now if I could get over this bug that I have, I might try something new, but for now...I am going to curl back up on the couch and hope that the kids will be nice.

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