November 1, 2011

Favorite Photo(s) Tuesday: Halloween Edition

I took a lot of great photos yesterday to capture all the fun that surrounds Halloween.  I couldn't narrow it down to my single favorite photo, so I turned Favorite Photo Tuesday into a Holiday edition that will show off all my favorites.

Because I love pumpkins, we had to carve one up.  The problem down here in Texas, they rot if you don't carve them the day of or the day before.  My helpers weren't too eager to pull out the guts, until I pulled out a spoon.  Neither one of them wanted to be "gooey."

While we were getting the pumpkins ready, Colton decided to attempt and take advantage of my being distracted.  This is his up to no good face.

And there he goes...

Maben picked out the design to carve onto our pumpkin.  He came home from school today with a pumpkin he made and asked if I could carve our pumpkin like that.  Of course I can!

My little robot cowboy is showing off the uncanny resemblance the two pumpkins have.  I think I made Maben proud.

Maben was so excited about dressing up and going trick-or-treating he pretended to be many things today.  The one he kept going back to was a cowboy.  I have a very cute little cowboy!

Once daddy got home, we ate quickly and all got dressed into our costumes.  Colton ended up being a firefighter because he got Charlie Brown super dirty yesterday when we went to lunch.  We were taking advantage of kids eating free that came in costume. 

Maben chose the Angry Bird shirt for Matt.  The firefighter costume is a pajama costume from Carter's.  They use to carry quite a few when Maben was that age and I bought up a bunch of them because they are fun.  Maben ended up going as just a robot and I donned my owl.

The boys really enjoyed trick-or-treating.  Colton was a riot to watch.  He had no fear of strangers...he even walked into one of my neighbors houses when they opened the door.

Colton did catch on quickly to how this whole thing works.  I walk up, they give me candy and I say, "Dank Oooo."  Well, that wasn't good enough for this little guy.  Towards the end of our trick-or-treating, Maben would yell, "Trick-or-treat," both boys would collect their candy.  Maben would say, "thank you," and Colton would look all sad and say, "I have more?"  Of course he would get more candy and his face would light up and he would say, "Dank Oooo." 

What a little manipulator!  It is hard to say NO to that cute little monster.

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

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  1. Looks like an awesome Halloween!

    I wanted to let you know that I have awarded you the Liebster blog award! come find out more about it!


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