February 20, 2011

Blast From the Past: Portrait of Maben

I am having a fairly busy weekend, so I haven't done much creative.  I have house guests and today will be cooking up a turkey!  So, instead of leaving you hanging all weekend, I am throwing up a blast from the past.

This is my son Maben.  I took a ton of photos right around his first birthday and decided to draw one.  I still need to work on Colton's one year portrait.  The reason I chose this look, it was a very common look.  For a while, Maben loved to squish his nose up and say cheese, which always made his eyes look so beautiful and me giggle.  He was playing in a kiddie pool when the photo was taken and I loved the blue kiddie pool in the background, so when drawing the portrait, I just simplified the background to the blue and not include all the crazy designs that were on the kiddie pool.  I hope you enjoy this blast from my past.

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