February 25, 2011

Why You Should Always Carry A Camera

It was drilled into my head to always carry a camera.  First by my mom and my grandmother (both of whom love to take photos) and then in art school by my professors.  You never know when a moment is going to present itself that you want to capture forever.  Yesterday, one of those moments happened!

That is Maben sitting in a helicopter!  Let me start our random awesome adventure story from the beginning!

Maben is the star of the week in his preschool class.  As part of being star of the week, he needs to take his class mascots home with him and get their picture taken with him doing something fun.  (Seriously, perfect karmic timing!)  Driving home from preschool after picking up Maben, enter my neighborhood and see a helicopter flying really low.  I realize that helicopter is LANDING!  I did a quick assessment to figure out where it was landing and realized it was the field next to my neighborhood that borders some commercial property.  We pull up on the side of the field where my neighborhood is and I pulled Maben out of the car and we watched the helicopter land.  Maben...totally excited!  Me...just as excited for my son!  I asked Maben, "Do you want to go see the helicopter?"  (Totally stupid question I know)  Maben, "YES!"  I put him back in the car and drive around to this restaurant, "El Jarrito."  As I pull into the parking lot the two gentlemen from the helicopter walk in. 

I park the car and feel a little weird just walking up to a helicopter without asking permission.  So, I grab the kids and head for the restaurant.  (I know, I have no shame)  I ask the host inside if it is alright if I talk to the gentlemen who came in on the helicopter and he looks at me like I am nuts.  So I ask where the two guys are that just came in.  He points and I walk over. 

"Excuse me, I don't mean to interrupt but..."  Maben, "PICTURE WITH HELICOPTER!!!"  "As you can see, my son would love a picture with your helicopter, do you mind if we get close and check it out?"

Awesomely nice man, "Of course, go ahead and check it out.  If you want, stick around until we are done eating and he can sit in it!"

"Really?  Awesome, we would love that!" 

So, we headed back outside and took a look at the helicopter and a few photos.

We then ate snack in the car and watched a bulldozer push around some sand (construction right near the helicopter). 

The two awesomely nice gentlemen come out (with a couple workers at the restaurant in tow) and they let Maben hop inside the helicopter.  He was super excited, so excited he could hardly speak. 

After chatting with the really nice guys for a while, it was time for them to leave.  So, we back up and got to watch the take off.  That was by far the most exciting part for both of my boys and myself.  I forgot to mention, Colton was with us the whole time, but so scared/excited he didn't want to leave my side.

 Right before they started it up

Hugging Dolly and Squirt after they started up the helicopter.

The absolute perfect shot!

So, just the most perfect example of why you should always carry a camera EVERYWHERE!  You never know when the most perfect opportunity will present itself. 

It made such a big impact on Colton, that as soon as we got home he found Herold the Helicopter from our Thomas the Train set and played with it for an hour.  Maben also cannot stop talking about the helicopter.  What an amazing adventure!

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