February 16, 2011

It's Love

I finally upgraded to a new camera, a DSLR!!!  I am so excited and happy and in love.  In love with my hubby who gave it to me for Valentine's day and in love with the camera.  I plan on taking a lot of photos with it and can't wait to figure out all the features that my old camera doesn't have. 


I now have a Pentax K-x.  The coolest thing about the Pentax DSLR cameras is that you can use your old Pentax 35mm Camera lenses on them.  Since I have 3 lenses that have basically been sitting in a bag collecting dust for a few years, it makes me feel good that I will be able to use them again.  (I even tried to sell them a while ago and was told that they were worthless...hahaha, no they aren't!)  I know that Canon and Nikon have pretty much cornered the market in America with the DSLR's, but I have heard nothing but positive things about Pentax and am so excited to get to know this camera.

Yes, I got the obnoxious red one.  It's doesn't bother me, especially since it was almost $100 cheaper than the black one.  It was purchased at B&H Photo Video online. 

My old camera was a Fuji FinePix S1000.  It was a great point and shoot, a little bulkier than most, but I made it work for me and it did a phenomenal job.  I loved it so much, that in the last 3+ years that I have owned it, I have taken over 16,000 photos with it!  I typed that correctly, with the comma in the right place. 

My Fuji is still working well and I plan on using it when I need a smaller camera with me.  I purchased it through Amazon, a newer version of my old camera is located here, Fujifilm FinePix.  I would highly recommend this to someone who wants to get to know manual settings before taking the plunge into a DSLR.  I found this camera to be very user friendly and still love it. 

So, what kind of camera do you tote around?  Do you love it?

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