February 10, 2011

Sewing Machine Cover

This WAS my hideous sewing machine cover.  Cheap, plastic, falling apart and ugly.

Yesterday both of my boys fell asleep for naps AT THE SAME TIME!!!  I normally take advantage of that opportunity and take a nap myself, but today I was wide awake and wanting to accomplish ANYTHING.  I went into my craft room and looked around to see what I should do and it hit me when I looked over at my sewing machine.  I looked at the old cover and said, "I could do that, I could make a new one."  So, that's what I did.

I took the old cover off, laid it down on my cutting table and took some measurement.  When laid flat, the width was 22 inches and the height was 13.5 inches.  I dug around in my stash and pulled out this fabric to use as my new cover.

I ended up cutting a piece of fabric that was 23 inches wide by 28 inches tall.  I took the piece and folded it in half, right sides together.  I then stitched up either side with a straight stitch.

I then followed up with a zig zag since I was going to leave the edges raw.

I did this to both sides.  Once that was completed, I hemmed up the bottom.  I pressed it an inch, then did a straight stitch, followed by a zig zag stitch, just like I did on the sides.

In order to get the boxed top look that the old cover had, I measured the seam length.  I pressed the corner flat. 

I then took my handy dandy triangle that is a 90/45/45 and used that to make sure I would get a line that wasn't crooked or askew.  The seam was 5 1/2 inches across, so I used that as my measurement.

I did a straight stitch, then followed up with a zig zag like shown.

I clipped the corner off, right above the zig zag stitch. 

I flipped it right side out and put it on my machine.  It fit well, not as well as the old one, but so much prettier.  Had I tapered the sides in, it would have been a perfect fit, but I wasn't that worried about it.

I decided not to make a handle hole in the top because I never take my machine anywhere.  Definitely wasn't a necessity for me, so I left it out.  

I am so happy with how the new one looks.  It is SO much better than the old one, which now resides in my trash.

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