February 8, 2011

Updated the Blog...Again...

The pink was actually driving me crazy!  It was just too much, but I hadn't carved out the time to do anything better until last night.  I created my own header, with the assistance of a brush tool that I downloaded from Easy Elements.  The brush tool I used was in their Hearts collection.  Everything else I did myself in Photoshop Elements 8.  So wish that I had regular Photoshop, but am making due since the last computer died and took my Photoshop with it.   

How did I decide on what to change?  I assessed the look of my blog and decided there was too much pink.  Obnoxiously so!  It had to go. 

What did I NEED to have in my blog?  A header that I could be proud of.  I know that for the month of February I wanted to incorporate red and a heart.  Both of which are for very obvious reasons, Valentine's Day and Heart Month. 

How did I execute?  I overhauled the header and simplified the rest of the blog.  Now I am quite satisfied with how it now looks.  What do you think?

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